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Dec 1, 2013 8:00pm PST
after todays game they tell me they will be ready, they feel like pieces of their defense have come together here towards the end of the season, they say they understand how big that game is next week and that they will be ready to go. reporting on the field, in candlestick park, kron4 news. >> jason will be back with more m of sports in the newscast. >>> with the golden gate in the back drop a few thousand folks got to play santa today. about 2500 people took part in the run wild 5 k and runners brought new or gently used toys to donate to the san francisco firefighters toy program, which brings toys to kids in need over the holidays. those who participated also ran in santa hats feeling a little like st. nicaragua. >> i think it makes you happy and will make their christmas, it gives them a lot of joy and there's a lot of people really in need. >> [inaudible]. >> oh, yeah it's really fun. absolutely. >> kron4 was a race sponsor and as a result of the run organizers expect to fill two fire trucks full of toys. >>> well, vickie did you see lots of blue skies today around the bay are
Dec 4, 2013 8:00pm PST
is out there in your quiet on defense is out your loud corporat >> pam: the report says the massive data breach happened after key-logging software was installed on an unknown number of computers. that software stores a person's username and password and sends that data to a server controlled by the hackers. other sites hacked include twitter, linked-in gmail, google plus, youtube and yahoo fortune 500 accounts. >> pam: in response, facebook said it will contact the people whose data was compromised and will initiate a password reset for those who have been hacked. >> " when he found out kyle had just come back i remember he it kind of transformed." >> pam: a gift from paul walker. leaves one california couple stunned. how the hollywood actor is touching hearts even after his death. >> pam: plus: new parents seeing triple. after giving birth to identical triplets! >> reporter: drama at the white house! >>video >> reporter: you are ok sweetie? sunny and other older brother bonds sonny jumps up and the girl backs up and trips over the apparatus and falls down. and michelle quickly put
Dec 9, 2013 8:00pm PST
deputy has said that lopez was carrying an assault he shot the boy in self defense. >> reporter:it was later revealed that lopez was only carrying a replica of an assault weapon. >> reporter:since the shooting there have been numerous protests and demonstrations across santa rosa with people demanding that gelhaus face criminal charges. >> reporter:on monday.. here near where lopez was killed... word that the deputy is being allowed to return to work >>we need your help... >> reporter:santa rosa resident frank saiz was handing out fliers for a rally planned for tuesday afternoon. >>he should be out of police work completely. >> reporter:finally, there are currently two ongoing investigations in this case the santa rosa police department is conducting a criminal investigation into the shooting of andy lopez and there is also an internal investigation underway with in the sheriff's department. >> reporter:in santa rosa charles clifford kron 4 news. posted yesterday.already has moer than 2 million views on line. >> pam: new at 8-- >> pam: how the government may be manipulating your video
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3